Thomas Charlton

Thomas Charlton's Signature - July 24, 1858


1841 Census, Gateshead District Family Number: 45028.4 1841 Census, Gateshead Township, New Row (HO107/296/12 folio 7) John Charlton, 55, Labourer, N Dorothy Charlton, 55, Y Robert Charlton, 25, Coal Miner, Y Thomas Charlton, 15, Coal Miner, Y Dorothy Charlton, 15, Y Source: Durham Records Online Continue reading Thomas Charlton

Sarah Loretta Connell (nee Bradley)

Sarah Loretta Connell (nee Bradley) Sarah Loretta Bradley was born in Howick, Huron County, Ontario in 1860. She was my maternal Great Grandmother on my Mother's side. Her parents, Samuel Bradley and Charlotte Tackaberry seem to have died when she was just a baby as she was taken in and raised by The Chamneys of Elizabethtown township who may also have been relatives. She married twice. The first marraige was to James Henry Craig on May 3, 1881 in Elizabethtown. The second marriage was to my Great Grandfather, Jemuel Connell on Feb 23, 1887. She lived to be 84 years of age.

First Marriage

Record of first Marriage Name: James Henry Craig Birth Place: Elizabethtown Age: 28 Father Name: William Craig Mother Name: Mary A Craig Estimated birth year: abt 1853 Spouse Name: Sarah Loretta Bradley Spouse's Age: 21 Spouse Birth Place: Howick Spouse Father Name: Samuel Bradley Spouse Mother Name : Charlotte Bradley Marriage Date: 3 May 1881 Marriage Place: Leeds Marriage County: Leeds Source: Indexed by:

Second Marriage

6886-87 (Leeds Co): Jemuel CONNELL, 28, farmer, Ontario, Greenbush, s/o Robert CONNELL & Julia COON, married Lauretta CRAIG, 28, widow, Ontario, Greenbush, d/o Samuel BRADLEY & Charlotte TACKABERRY, witn: R. B. & Mary A. CONNELL of Farmersville, 23 Feb 1887 at Brockville - Source: Ontario vital Statistics Project - Ontario Marriage Registrations

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Loretta Connell at Age 70

Robert Merritt

Robert Merritt (son of Thomas Merritt and Mary Underhill) was born 10 Mar 1728/29 in Rye Westchester Co. New York, YSA, and died Dec 1802 in Hampstead, Queens Co, N.B. Canada. He married Elizabeth Robinson on 1762 in Long Island, New York, USA. Notes for Robert Merritt: 1. D.G. Merritt notes: Text of the following two items in Family Tree Maker "Scrapbook" for Robert Merritt;
  1. Othniel Merritt Letter (1958)
  2. 'Merritt' Cemetery Record
2. Following note from internet file 'Robert1720Descendants_1242882.FTW':
  1. Robert and his family came to New Brunswick in 1783 on the ship "Montague".
More About Robert Merritt: Immigration: 1783 "the Kings Loyal Americans" "The Canadian Fact Passenger List" by B. Wood-holt 1991. Occupation: Carpenter. More About Robert Merritt and Elizabeth Robinson: Marriage: 1762, Long Island, New York, USA. Children of Robert Merritt and Elizabeth Robinson are:
  1. Gilbert Merritt, b. 16 Nov 1765, Rye, Westchester Co. NY, USA, d. 16 Oct 1840, Hampstead, Queens Co, N.B. Canada.
Merritt Genealogy courtesy Carol Brown Parker

Robert Green


Marriage Record marriage-robert-mary-green Parish Houghton-le-Spring, alternatively Houghton le Spring, in county Dur, Married on 17/06/1812, Groom Robert Green, Bride Mary Nesbitt, Source: Family History On-line Baptisms, Houghton le Spring District Record Number: 161264.0 Parish/Church: Houghton le Spring (St. Michael & All Angels) 1813-1841 7 Oct 1827 John Green, son of Robert & Mary, abode Success Row Source: Durham Records Online 1841 Census, Houghton le Spring District Family Number: 8859.4 Newbottle, Newbottle Village, Success Row Robert Greene, 45, Waggonman Mary Greene, 45 Isabella Greene, 25 Mary Greene, 16 John Greene, 14, Coal Miner George Greene, 11, Coal Miner Elizabeth Greene, 8 John Nesbitt, 75, Independent Means Source: Durham Records Online

Robert Connell II

Record of Marriage:

Jan. 14th, 1830 Robert Connell and Julia Coon, both of Yonge, banns, witnesses J. Coon, S. Smith. Source: A RECORD OF MARRIAGES SOLEMNIZED BY WILLIAM SMART, MINISTER OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CONGREGATION, BROCKVILLE, Elizabethtown, UPPER CANADA ~ This information was originally published by: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY Papers and Records Volume 5, Published in Toronto in 1904 Pages 187-236

1871 Census

CONNELL , ROBERT Sex: Male Age: 62 Birthplace: ONTARIO Religion: Wesleyan Methodist Origin: ENGLISH Occupation: LABORER District: LEEDS SOUTH ( 067 ) Sub-district: Crosby South ( G ) Division: 1 Page: 22 Microfilm reel: C-10,001 - C-10,002 Reference: RG31 — Statistics Canada Source:

Robert Connell

Born 1756 Scotland ~ Died 1821 Yong Mills, Leeds County, Ontario

1800 Assessment Record of Yonge Township

Leeds County shows Robert and James Connell each with 40 (acres of land ?). early-yonge-assesment

The Last Will & Testament of Robert Connel

  1. Proc. for citation Robert Connels Executors
  2. Note from David Jones, attorney for Jonathan Spoon and Margaret his wife.
  3. Front page inventory of Robert Connels Property: Filed 12th Day of January 1822 ~ 8 pages of belongings with monatary value ~
  4. Various addition, other accounts and information pertaining to Robert Connels inventory.
  5. The Last Will & Testament
The Last Will & Testament of Robert Connel In the name of God. Amen I, Robert Connel in the township of Yonge County of leeds, District of Johnston and Province of Upper Canada being by blessing of God in health of body and soundness of mind do make my last will and testament as follows. In the first place I leave my soul to the mercy of God in Christ and my body to be decently burried according to the custom of the place where I have resided in hopes of its glorius ressurection. It is my last will and pleasure that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my property and the remainder I will bequeath as follows. To my loving and affectionate wife Sophia Connel I will that she remain in my mansion to use during her life and have a decent maintenance during that same period together with all the comforts that my home place affords provided that she, the above mentioned Sophia Connel remain a widow but if she marry she should forfeit her claim to any part of my mansion house but she shall be allowed to build a house upon the premises and enjoy her third, and further I will that all my outstanding debts be collected after my decease and the principal put into a place of safety and the interest go to the support of my wife during her life and at her death the principal to be divided equally amongst her family. To my oldest son John Connel I will and bequeath fifty acres in the rear of my part of Lot No. 6 fourth concession, Township of Yonge, County of Leeds, District of Johnston and Province of Upper Canada and to his heirs of his own body for ever but it is my further will and pleasure that the above mentioned John Connel my son shall not sell, bargain or dispose of said parcel of land to any person or persons except his brother Robert Connel and his heirs. To my youngest son Robert Connel I will and bequeath to him and his heirs for ever the farm on which I live consisting of the front end of Lot No. 3 and the whole of Lot No. 4 in the township of Yonge, County of Leeds, District of Johnston, and Province of Upper Canada with all the apurtances, preveledges, horses, stock and crops on said farms as shall be at my death to have and to hold to him and his lawful heirs for ever. It is my will that he, the above mentioned Robert Connel, my youngest son if he dies without lawful heirs of his own body the above mentioned Lot No 3 an 4 in said township, said county, said district with all the preveledges, apurtances, horses, stock and crop shall be equally divided amongst his sisters and their lawful heirs. To my oldest daughter Mary Althouse and my second. daughter Catherine Connel and my third daughter Margret Spooner, I will leave and bequeath, that lot or tract of land lying in Elizabeth viz. Lot #2 ninth concession, Township of Elizabeth, County of Leeds, District of Johnston, Province of Upper Canada to them and their laful heirs for ever. To my yongest daughter Elizabeth Connel I will and bequeath one hundred acres in the front of Lot No 6 in the fourth concession, Township of Yonge, County of Leeds, District of Johnston and Province of Upper Canada to her and her laful heirs to have and to hold for ever. And I do further will, appoint, and constitute James Gibson in the Township of Yonge and Hugh Scott in said Township to be my sole executors, administrators A. C. And no others. I further declare that this is my last will and testament and that all others beside is nul and void in witness whereof I set my hand and seal this fifth day of May Eigteen Hundred and Twenty One years before these witnesses Witnesses
  • John Molson
  • Hugh Scott
  • James Gibson
Robert Connell (signed)

Inventory of Robert Connel Property

Filed 12th day of January 1822 W. Malloch Regt. S. Court District of Johnston Yonge 9th October, 1921 An inventory and valuation of the goods and chattles of the deceased, Robert Connel, as found upon the farm at his decease. Item Description
  • 2 old horses
  • 2 mares
  • 1 colt
  • 8 cows
  • 4 calves
  • 1 yoke of 2 year old steers
  • 1 bull
  • 5 yearling
  • 20 sheep
  • 3 cows
  • 1 yoke of oxen
  • 6 fattening hogs
  • 8 shots
  • 2 bee hives
  • 35 bushels peas
  • 40 bushels peas
  • 25 bushels old wheat
  • 20 bushels rye
  • 30 bushels oats
  • 80 bushels corn
  • 38 bushels buckwheat
  • 50 bushels potatoes
  • 1 waggon
  • 70 pounds of wool rools
  • 50 pounds of wool
  • 25 ounds of woolen yarn
  • linen yarn
  • 1 drawing knife
  • 1 pro
  • 1 brush hook
  • 1 sythe
  • 1 cow bell
  • 1 hatchet
  • 1 chisel
  • 1 ox yoke
  • 1 adye
  • 1 table
  • 1 big tea kettle
  • 2 pots
  • 1 kettle
  • 1 pot
  • 1 tea kettle
  • 1 spider
  • 2 brass kettles
  • 1 bake pan
  • 1 frying pan
  • 1 pair of dog irons
  • shovel and tongs
  • smoothing iron
  • 2 candlesticks
  • 1 pot
  • 1 tarmel
  • hand saw
  • 1 shovel
  • 2 brace chains
  • 2 sythes and tackling
  • 1 grindstone
  • 1 ox chain
  • 3 cleveses
  • 2 axes
  • carane and hooks
  • 1 table
  • 1 clock
  • 1 looking glass
  • 1 looking glass
  • 1 table
  • 1 looking glass
  • 1 bedstead and 3 blankets
  • wolen yarn
  • flannel cloth
  • 30 yards flannel
  • 12 yards flannel
  • 16 yards pulled cloth
  • 8 yards check flannel
  • 20 yards flannel
  • 13 yards linnen
  • 2 coverlets
  • 20 yards flannel
  • 8 yards check flannel
  • 10 yards cloth
  • 2 tea cannisters
  • 1 decanter
  • 1 pitcher
  • 3 bottles
  • 2 jars
  • 2 bowels
  • 12 pouunds flax
  • 1 basket
  • 1 barrel
  • 1 basket
  • 8 pounds of tobacco
  • 12 yards flannel
  • 12 yards flannel
  • 10 yards pulled cloth
  • 2 dippers
  • candle moulds
  • yarn
  • 2 blankets
  • 16 yards ?
  • 3 sheets
  • cloth
  • 10 yards linnen cloth
  • 2 platters
  • 1 tin pail
  • 2 pails
  • 1 canteen
  • 1 cupboard
  • 2 pewter platters
  • 8 pewter platters
  • 1 tapot
  • 1 platter
  • 1 set of cups and saucers
  • 1 set of cups and saucers
  • 5 platters
  • 2 mugs
  • crockery
  • 1 platter
  • 8 bowls
  • 30 platters
  • 20 platters
  • 1 dish
  • 5 bottles
  • serveral articles
  • 1 watch
  • 1 hunting knife
  • 1 kiffle gun
  • 1 musket
  • 15 tumbler glasses
  • 4 tin pans
  • 2 earthen pans
  • 7 bowl
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 pot
  • 1 cheese prep
  • 2 towels
  • 30 pounds tallow
  • 2 wash tubs
  • 1 tub